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I offer tours for every taste: pure nature experiences such as the dunes of the Viana desert, intact beaches with turquoise sea but also culture by visiting the local villages, by getting to know the local inhabitants, culture and delicious culinary specialties.

Turtles Watching: With my collaborators we organize evening tours to observe in silence the laying of eggs and to admire the baby turtles Caretta Caretta that hatch from the eggs laid in June and reach the sea. It is a unique natural spectacle that we offer you in full respect of the turtles and nature


Whale Watching :Between March and the end of May, we offer the watching of the humpback whale.
We will pick you up at the hotel at the agreed time and leave from the port of Sal Rei with our boat. My staff have years of experience and expert  eyes to spot whales.
The visit lasts about 4 hours. Because it is a natural spectacle, we obviously cannot guarantee you an observation, but with our experience and a little luck, you can live unforgettable moments.

Sandboarding: Come and experience the unforgettable thrill of sliding down the sand dunes on a sled!

Fishing and grill on the beach We also organize boat trips to fish, with barbecue on the beach.

Quad tour on request !


                                        Island Tours  

      full day trips
  9.00 - 16.00 o'clock
   half-day trips Nord
   9.00 - 13.00 o'clock

   half-day trips Sud
  9.00 - 13.00 o'clock


The tour of the island will give you the opportunity to discover the heart of BOAVISTA, which is local people, the baobab's leisure, its abandoned villages, its salt deserts, the desert of Viana,its unlimited and splendid beaches, including Ervatao, the 3rd point of the turtle laying and then go to the eastern villages by eating in a characteristic restaurant in Cape Verde: fish, chicken or lobster.




 The wreck of SANTA MARIA welcomes you. After a beautiful street you will arrive in the suburb of Boavista called BARACA, where you can give sweets to the street children and then we go to the capital under the name SAL REI with its gospel church, the fish market and those of the vegetables, there is also the port and finally a free time for your shopping.




Rabil, the former capital with its pottery and the first church of BOA VISTA, Provoacao Velha the first village ,to get used to.  Through asphalted roads a road leads to the most beautiful beach in the world SANTA MONICA  A fine and white sand (one hour bathing)

Back to a small stopover in VARADINHA another intimate and peculiar beach through its caves mysteriously dug by erosion.






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